The Discussion Begins…

I have chosen to research and develop and documentary for Vice centred around politics… because we don’t have enough of that in our lives right now. The Discussion will focus on and explore political engagement and how the mainstream media and social media are changing it for better or worse. To research this subject I looked up general terms like political engagement and I was led down a rabbit hole of articles all using the term ‘echo chamber’. Echo chambers are these hollowed out caves on social media where people exist in harmony with one another because they all always agree… creepy.

Anecdotal evidence of being fairly familiar with the term wasn’t enough so I went in search of experts. If you can be an expert in this new age issue we have been lulled into by the Zuckerbergs of the world.

I contacted people likely to have a better view of the discussion than you or I.

  • Colin Moriarty from Kinda Funny – Colin is a video games journalist. Being outspoken online in regards to his political opinions and stances, he encourages a more intelligent and sympathetic discussion among his following.
  • Alex Krasodomski-Jones – Alex carried out a study finding how echo chambers are creating Tunnel Vision in politics. I found the study through Sky News who then led me to him.
  • Charlotte England – A journalist and writer for the Independent and Vice. Writing politically charged articles on various issues such as women’s rights, Trump and activism, Charlotte gets a lot of feedback in the comments and probably has a good view on what mainstream media want to achieve through political coverage.
  • Steven Bartlett – CEO of the Social Chain an agency specialising in Influencer Marketing means he knows how millennials think. Recently speaking about how Social Chain avoid politics to Vice, I thought exploring why could bring up some interesting points as to what he sees in how young people engage with politics.

These are the first four people I have contacted through email, Facebook and SnapChat. Alex has emailed me back and answered a few of my questions, and linked me to the study he did. He is happy to arrange a phone call and for me to pop in the office, unfortunately it’s in London so the phone will have to do.


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