Tim Whewell takes everything a bit too Literally.

In Search of Henk and Ingrid is centred around the Dutch elections and the wave of anti-immigration politics sweeping the west.

Henk and Ingrid are the PVV’s voters according to Geert Wilder, party leader. Essentially the working class. Ordinary, hardworking people who have been ridiculed and left behind by the elites (Rooduijn, 2017). Tim Whewell travels to the Netherlands to find them.

Visiting a rally for Geert Wilders, Tim narrates what is happening. The audience is now hearing straight from the horse’s mouth. Tim asks who Henk and Ingrid are? This sets the stage for the rest of the piece by having the source claim he knows who they are, the question is, is he right?

The reason the Netherlands is important for this specific subject is because it “is known the world over for its progressive attitude” (“Why is Amsterdam so tolerant? | DutchAmsterdam.com”, 2017). If this style of politics is prevailing there, it is a sign of how the rest of Europe is likely to vote.

However, Tim says early on that “for people outside the Netherlands” this point of view takes some getting your head around. Brexit and Trump won. So, Tim is factually wrong and speaking from his own view of the world. Tim showed his bias, and in my opinion has failed the BBC’s remit of being impartial. It is from here on out the piece just becomes a wild goose chase.

Instead of searching for the representation, Tim won’t settle until he finds a literal Henk and Ingrid to prove a point. This element is just ridiculous.

However, it is when he travels to the capital of PVV voters to learn about them the piece finally makes some progress. We find out the town is unique in its character because the people are self-made, hardworking and proud of who they are. Specifically, who Wilder describes (“In ‘Holland’s most right-wing town,’ nothing is black and white – DutchNews.nl”, 2017).

Unfortunately, Tim doesn’t settle until he finds a specific Henk and Ingrid and finishes by finding a refugee. An interview with the refugee closes the show and it is all very nice however, it serves no purpose to the aim of the show and only reaffirms what I suspect are Tim’s own political beliefs. I think this piece had glimpses of something useful and interesting to the public but overall is a waste of time.


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