Is Digital Democracy Doomed?


Once upon a time a young man named Solomon Curtis set out on a quest to get young people to engage with politics and vote. His quest begins on the streets on London where he asks young people how they engage with politics and he finds that they don’t really engage at all, and if they do, what they do, doesn’t work.

Solomon however is not disheartened as his passion has been to get young people to vote for many years. At the age of 18 he stood to elected as a Labour MP hoping to make a positive change in his community.  However Solomon was defeated. But he didn’t stop there.

Today Solomon is just as passionate as ever and runs a Marketing agency called Project Participate. He is still finding any way he can to reach, and influence young people. On his journey to learn more about how he can make a change he heads over to Demos.

Demos is a place filled with people just like Solomon who all want to help make the world more efficient and beneficial for everyone, especially millennials. There is a wise man there who can help guide Solomon on
his quest, his name is Alex Krasodomski-Jones.

Alex has reseaAlex-Krasodomski-Jones-resized-960x640rched how young people engage with Politics during the election of 2015, and he continues to do so now. If Solomon had any questions about young people and Politics Alex was the man to ask.

Solomon asks Alex how to get young people more engaged. Alex begins by talking about what is stopping them, he then dives into there psychology, almost as if he is one of them, and last but not least he proposes an alliance. Him and Solomon will devise questions for the members of parliament themselves. Solomon, armed with this new knowledge will go to Westminster and debate with an MP.

He will ask why are young people not engaged, he will ask how do they believe they can improve the situation. Solomon will use his expertise to make a few suggestions. Then to finish Solomon and this MP will go out onto the streets themselves to find young people and ask them, whether what the MP suggests would help make a young person vote, or if Solomon’s idea is a winner.

And they all lived happily ever after. download


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