Why British People Are Betting On Trump’s Impeachment

Political betting in the UK is on the rise. Brexit and Trump have sparked the markets boom but specifically Trump, and his continuing story, continue to bring in more business. As stated in the documentary, Ladbrokes have hired a political analyst, however they are not alone, Paddy Power have hired a ‘Head of Trump betting’ (“Trump antics spark betting boom”, 2017).

Vice tackle this story by structuring it in an easy to follow way. Beginning with stating that Political betting is an established form of gambling sets the stage, however they then quickly explain its exploding in popularity as part of an ongoing trend.

Interviewing a punter who got lucky betting on Trump winning he confirms he wouldn’t usually bet on politics. A quick google shows he isn’t alone (Armstrong, 2016). However, the researchers found Charlie likely because he is a casual gambler. If someone who bets big wins it looks like a one off, however a £500 win for a casual gambler is more believable and shows that political betting has reached the mainstream average punter.

Then the audience are taken to Ladbrokes to meet the Director of Political Betting. We are shown how social media can be used to analyse what their customers want to bet on. We are shown supply and demand in action and the researchers and pre-production have done a good job in going on platforms like twitter to find specific requests and screen shot them to prove what is being talked about. It is the modern form of fact checking.

We finish with Alastair Meekes are veteran of Political Gambling. A quick google shows that he works in Pensions and has a degree in Law (“Alastair Meeks”, 2017). Betting is a hobby for him meaning to find him the researchers will have had to ask around. Likely asking at Ladbrokes who their regulars are and then googling him.

The production team on this piece will have had to find experts on the inside and outside of the betting industry and got location permissions for everywhere they filmed. Ladbrokes, outdoors and what looked like a pub are all typical locations you would expect. This helps reaffirm that this trend has gone mainstream, and might not just be a flash in the pan.


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Trump antics spark betting boom. (2017). newstalk.com. Retrieved 13 April 2017, from http://www.newstalk.com/Trump-antics-spark-betting-boom


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