Why British People Are Betting On Trump’s Impeachment

Political betting in the UK is on the rise. Brexit and Trump have sparked the markets boom but specifically Trump, and his continuing story, continue to bring in more business. As stated in the documentary, Ladbrokes have hired a political analyst, however they are not alone, Paddy Power have hired a ‘Head of Trump betting’ … Continue reading Why British People Are Betting On Trump’s Impeachment


The Philip Defranco Show

Philip Defranco posts his show on YouTube every weekday. The Philip Defranco show is a news show to bring you the stories you do and should probably care about. Philip delivers what he calls an objective overview of the story, then he adds his opinion, clearly outlining the difference and then he asks for the … Continue reading The Philip Defranco Show

Is Digital Democracy Doomed?

Solomon is on a quest to save Politics


The Discussion Begins…

Fitting research into 400 words is hard so here are the basics.